Yamaha r1 vs Yamaha r6

Yamaha R1 vs Yamaha R6 Comparison

There is a minor difference between the body of Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6. But when it comes to numbers there is
a lot to tell. Both bikes are commonly loved by the people who have better taste in riding bikes.

Yamaha R6

The R6 is a bit easier to ride, it is more forgiving and it is more fun, especially on a race track.
You can whack the throttle open on the R6.


While on the R1 you have to be a lot more careful.
The R1 is a bit more comfortable for long rides and for the races surely.

Model Yamaha R1 Yamaha R6
Maximum Power 197.2 122
Top Speed 285 Km/h 257 km/h
Rpm at maximum torque 11500 10500
Rpm at maximum power 13500 14500
Cost 3.5M-4M pkr 1.9M-2.3M pkr

Power and Torque

The R6 has a higher rpm at maximum torque at power at 14,500 compared to the R1 13,500. For the rpm at maximum torque the R1 has an edge at 11,500 compared to the R6 10,500. Both bikes operate on a 6-speed transmission with electronic starter system. If you are looking for more power and torque then go with the R1.

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